Brief History

Success seem to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they dont quit


In order to nourish the National Shipping Company of the State of Indonesia (P.N. PELNI),  then we build a shelter for about 4500 workers and employees, upon approval of the Minister of Transportation of Republik Indonesia on 4 April 1969 no. : M.8/4/25 Phb, then established “Side Business” with the establishment  on 29 September 1969 no. : 53 improved by deed on 24 Nopember 1969 no 46  by Notary Public Djojo Muljadi, SH announced in Berita Negara Republik Indonesia no. 12 on date 10 Februari 1970 which name is “PT. PELITA INDONESIA DJAYA CORPORATION” (alias PT. P.I.D.C.) and based on PP No. 16 Th 1984 PIDC is dated July 9, 1984 was converted into a subsidiary company of PT. PELNI to ensure continuity efforts. So that the entire capital of the Republic of Indonesia in the form of shares in PT. PIDC ownership and control transferred to the PT. Pelni with the following activities:

  • Import and export trade between islands or local area.
  • Efforts in the field of industry, mining, transport, agriculture, plantation, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery land / sea, hospitality.
  • Businesses related to home refrigeration (cold storage).
  • Exploitation of repair shipyards manufacture ships.
  • Including conducting other business units, such as loading and unloading to and from ships.